A Belated Invitation to a SFWA Procrastinator's New Year's Party!

Join us...tomorrow! On Saturday, January 9th 2021

Join me for the SFWA Procrastinator’s New Year’s Party! I’ll be reading tarot again. This time, I’ve chosen the David Bowie-inspired Starman Tarot designed by Davide de Angelis and Esther de Angelis.

The Starman Tarot is one of the better decks I’ve used because the accompanying book has clear upright and reversal meanings that are personalized, along with with added notes about the symbolism. They’re less about predicting the future, which is something I don’t use tarot for, and more about identifying aspects of our complicated selves.

The Starman tarot book comes with unique spreads that draw on the symbolism to help with career and to help you become your best self. It’s filled with hope—which is something I deeply appreciate and love about it. For example, instead of a three-card spread that’s past-present-future, this deck encourages you to draw on hindsight, insight, and foresight instead.

Here’s a few pictures of The World card from this deck. Yay! I love it so much I added the bag and the journal to my Amazon Wish List.

Hope to see you at the party!