Good Morning and Welcome to Music Mondays

It's all about "the" Journey

Good morning from the beer-and-cheese land of “we don’t have a functioning state government right now.”

Things are rough right now for a lot of people. I’m not gonna pretend it’s not. Maybe you’ve been through some shit before. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve got a strong support network. Maybe yours is small, but tight. Or, maybe you’ve lost touch.

Either way, this is not a “good” time.

To help make your world a little more tolerable, I’m kicking off a Music Monday series where I’ll pick some songs for you.

Good morning. You know, I can’t remember the last time I believed in that sentiment. It wasn’t “in” 2020, that's for damn sure.

Come gather ‘round my time machine! It’s not a police box or a magic school bus, mind you, but a glittery keyboard with all kinds of bits and bobs on it. Just gotta plunk a C Major out.

WEE-OH-WEE-OHHHHHHH... WHOOSH! Welcome to 1980. Ronald Reagan became President, the XIIIth Winter Olympics takes place in Lake Placid, New York, and NASA’s Voyager 1 snaps and sends back the first high-res pics of Saturn.

This is the year Empire Strikes Back, Pac-Man, and The Shining were released. This is an election year during a recession, hostage situations in Iran, and the Cold War. John Lennon was murdered, 85 lives were claimed in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino fire, and the Eureka earthquake shook northern California.

It was also the year a short song titled “Good Morning Girl” was released by Journey. It’s Track 10 from their album Departure released on cassette and vinyl. If you listen closely, you can hear the subtle differences from recording on vinyl, especially in the beginning.

The singer is Steve Perry who, if you’ve never heard his voice before, get ready. He’s one of “the” best tenors and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I used to listen to this song whenever I needed to hear someone wish me “Good Morning”. This song isn’t about the morning, after all. It’s about welcoming “you” to a brand new day. Now, I’m happy to share this experience with you.

Good Morning Girl” is Track 10 on Departure, an album that defined Journey and their rocking future. Just click that song title link to listen!

“Good Morning” my dear readers. I’m happy you’re here.

- M

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