#MakeDontBreak Update!

With Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX

Now that I’m about a week into the #makedontbreak challenge, I wanted to give you an update where you can follow along for updates and support my art.

  • Ko-Fi.com – You can find all the art I make this month in my gallery on Ko-Fi.com. You can also help offset the cost of art supplies by buying me a coffee. I set a goal today for a new digital scanner that I need to digitize my art.

  • BooksOfM on Deviant Art – I’ve set up a separate gallery for this challenge on Deviant Art. Here, I’m also adding new and original jewelry designs.

I’m also posting a daily image on Instagram and (with any luck) those will also post to Twitter. I’m so pleased to report that my Patreon erm, patrons, helped fund a new webcam for my office. As a “thank you”, I’m working on a video tutorial of my take on a “messy journal” technique I learned from Fran Wilde through her Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers class.

Here are three images of Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX. The finished piece!

This is the second layer of ink. Looks like a bunch of scribbles, eh? I am using water-soluble Staedtler fineliners for this exercise.

This first image is the initial sketch with a water-soluble grey pen. I did not use ANY pencils — yes, that’s anxiety-inducing, friends.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at my process!

Are you a careful reader? Assuming you are, you might have noticed that I’ve announced a Ko-Fi pledge to take 12 months’ worth of challenges.

  • January: #makedontbreak - Making one small postcard-sized piece per day.

  • February: #28daysofpoetry - Just writing a poem a day for this one!

  • March: #writersretreat - Turning March into an “at home” writer’s retreat.

If you need a break, check out the hashtag #makedontbreak on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and see what my fellow artists are up to.

‘Til next time!