My GAMA Online Presentation about Acquiring New Players (And Why I Chose This Topic)

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Hiya! I wanted to let you know I am presenting at the 2021 Online GAMA Expo. This particular topic is one I’m passionate about, and I wanted to talk a little bit about why that is today.

The term “new player” is one that I feel needs to be defined whenever we’re designing, presenting, or selling games. Before we can acquire new players, we need to define that audience. So, who is a new player?

Well, that’s complicated because there are a lot of nuances that intersect with who that person is. A new player could be:

  • Someone who has never heard of (or played) your type of game before

  • Someone who has limited experiences with your game and isn’t confident about the rules/gameplay

  • An experienced gamer who hasn’t played your game before

  • Someone who tried to play your game but didn’t understand the rules as written

  • Someone who watched (streamed or in person) someone else play it

  • Someone who heard about your game and wants to check it out

  • Someone who played your game but had a bad/incomplete experience and is willing to try again

  • Someone who played a similar game and got a recommendation to try yours

  • Someone who’s a devotee of your game’s theme/genre and has played a lot in that vein

  • Someone who cares less about your game’s theme/genre and is focused on the rules

  • Someone who is playing your game because it’s a licensed property they’re familiar with

  • Someone who sticks to a style of gameplay but is willing to try something different

  • …and more!

The term “new player” is not exclusive to the phrase: “I don’t know how to play games.” Often, new player translates to: “I don’t know how to play your game.”

The one thing all new-to-you players have in common is that, once they’re interested in a game, they need to learn how to play it. That word—learn—is where I find opportunity for improvement especially when you factor in accessibility and neurodiversity.

Who is a new player? How do we invite new players to be aware of games? And how are they learning to play?

If the answers to these questions interest you, I hope you’ll join me for my slide presentation at the 2021 GAMA Online Expo.