Sharing a Poem ahead of #28DaysofPoetry

Art creating art

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a few poems with you. I’ve been prepping for #28DaysofPoetry on my Patreon and I thought you might appreciate a poem I’ve written. Hope you’re faring all right!

The Man in Black

I saw him as a man in black

his form smudged without a face

a man of graphite, paint, and paste

he'd call to me with outstretched arms

sprinting blindfolded I'd never fall

on rocks and twigs thrown wildly, all

the nearer I got the farther he seemed

an illusion coloured red and green

I watched his body disappear

but left his face a smudge of fear

I saw him afterwards day or night

in dated boy and man of fright

in love and lust and mad, mad like

this faceless man ran my dreams

one grand show of wanton love

until one day I looked down

to find him touching me with surgeon’s care

my body drawn in curves and paint

trapped in canvas dark, black hues

to sit immortal

above his fireplace