Take the #MakeDontBreak Challenge with me!

Kick off the New Year with ART!

Heya! I’m participating in the #makedontbreak challenge thanks to my friend Nivair. I’ll be using a new-to-me “messy” technique using ink and a watercolor pen that I learned from Fran Wilde’s journalling class through the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers.

To prep for the event, I’m testing swatches and subject matters. Here’s an *extremely* messy blue rose using this technique before applying the water to dilute the ink. Have to do some watercolor swatches yet, and I’m still mulling over the subject I want to tackle—but I’m close!

Learn about craftivism and the #MakeDontBreak challenge on badasscrossstich.com.

Come join a growing community of artisans and kick 2021 off with your art! Happy new year!