A Colorful Fantasy and a Winter Met Gala Project

Hey, thanks again for reading everyone. I'm having fun writing newsletters again, and sharing a bit more about my creative process. Erm, processes. Today, I want to share a bit more about how art is helping me write. I also want to touch on my winter fantasy project.

Now, I don't know if you know this, but several lifetimes ago I had the pleasure of presenting a few paintings and pastels in galleries. (Emphasis on several.) And then what happened? You know how it goes. Life. Work. Headology. The fuckery that is capitalism, a scarcity mindset, and the pressure to be self-sufficient while making my time here on planet Earth count for something, dammit. Art is something I've touched on as an adult, keep circling back to, but have never fully embraced. Even though I love art museums and installation tours, my own art was suffocated by the practical--even my hilarious foray into learning how to loom knit and my decades-long jewelry-making quest, which was born out of a need to "do something off the computer while watching movies" and to "offset my metal allergies while adding personal bling".

This need to be practical, dear Reader, only escalated the older I got, the more I sought a "career" as a writer (a.k.a. a shy person working in entertainment) edging further into starched professionalism. My current closet, such as it is, is an amalgamation of mostly black, grey, and red--those colors, too, being practical choices, because grey and black pretty much goes with everything. And, if Steve Jobs, legendary entrepreneur, removed his extraneous decisions by simplifying his wardrobe and food choices, then dammit that sounds like a smart idea. Only, it's not "smart" persay. Because, what works for Steve Jobs isn't necessarily going to work for me. A simplified wardrobe is not a guarantee for success, after all, it's a fashion accessory.

Among the things that I’ve let go of during the pandemic, is the need to drown myself in utlity. Want proof I’m letting go of a practical mindset? Check out these ridiculously bright colors for a wrap I’ve been knitting:

Seriously, love the colors of this wrap. Eh… If you accuse me of not being goth after this just remember these words: "This cheerful yarn was formed from the corpses of several Muppets." See? I can add a little rain to just about anything. LOL!

Want more proof? This Winter, I'm indulging my fantasies and am working on a side project inspired by my previous newsletter: I'm going to illustrate a Met Gala fantasy experience/exhibition using the materials I have on hand. No, this is not practical in any way, shape, or form. I don't know any fashion designers or makeup artists--just a few costuming experts and hobbyists--and I have no connections to the NY/LA art scene, either. This is simply a shredded rainbow I need to repair during my coldest months of the year. I don't know where it will lead. I just know this is something I need to do. And, quite frankly, that's reason enough for me.

If you're asking yourself: "How does this banana-pants fashion project fit in with your writing?" Ummm... Is "Why the hell not?" an answer? Thing is: I'm not sure that a fantasy project does, specifically, help my writing other than to reinforce an important-to-me lesson. Right now, I am enjoying the act of writing, because I've been fortunate to find projects that suit "me" and wonderful folks to collaborate with. Instead of forcing myself to continually and consistently try to figure out how I fit, I put myself and my needs first. Still don't know what's going to happen long-term, mind you, but I have today. And, right now, that's enough.

How is your writing coming along? Reading? Any insights you'd like to share from your own journeys?