A Doctor Demento Pick for Music Monday

Halloween is less than two weeks away! I’m happy to report I found my bats. Hee. Oh! I’m teaching a Horror in Gaming class on Saturday, October 24th. If funds are tight, be sure to ask Cat Rambo, the facilitator, about scholarships! They are available!

And I’ve got a fun bit of news to share—the Sisterhood: Dark Tales and Secret Mysteries anthology will be out Winter 2020/2021. Here’s the promo!

Gentle reminder: if you’re looking for a fun, safe Halloween party, I’ll be reading tarot cards from The Halloween Tarot deck in costume from 5-7pm PST during the SFWA Halloween party. The fabulous Events team is adding more to the schedule. Shamble on over and check it out!

This week I’ve got quite the treat for you. I’m setting aside my time machine for the moment, because this week’s song is a pick featured by Dr. Demento!

Don’t know who he is? DJ Dr. Demento is credited with boosting "Weird Al" Yankovic to help spotlight his quirky style of music. By the way, if you haven’t listened to Weird Al in a while, be sure to check out the TV show Galavant—it’ll provide you with some needed comedic (and musical!) relief.

Dr. Demento has been playing strange or unusual songs since 1970 and has aired a ton of holiday specials. The doctor is in...! You can hop on over to his website and check out his radio program—and "Fish Heads"—for yourself.

For today’s Music Monday post, I went to his website and ran a query for Halloween songs. Lo and behold! I found one ditty in particular that was referenced quite a bit. This song is titled "Halloween Spooks" and was recorded by a jazz trio established in 1957 called Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross.

“Halloween Spooks" is from their fourth album titled Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross!: "The Hottest New Group in Jazz" (1960). It’s a short song, replete with spooky sounds the vocalists create, and was written by Dave Lambert.

I’m not sure what’s spookier—the original or the Liam Forde performance! What do you think?