A Game Writing Update

Hello dear readers, when last we met it was 2021, when I gave you my 2021 year-end update. Now, it is Year Three of 2020—the longest year in recorded history, I fear, and one I would very much like to end. I'm faring okay, mind you, ranging from pandemeh (pandemic meh) to WTF, with small joys in between. I've returned to Final Fantasy because chocobos and giant swords. That's why. After all, it is a game that made giant chickens cool. I've also been off Twitter for the most part, with the exception of the past week or so, because I needed that check-in time to see how folks outside my typical circles are faring. That did help mitigate more WTF? news, and reminded me that, oh yes, there are people who still care it's a pandemic. Moving on.

In the WTF news category, I would like to point out that production for games, in general, is more unstable than usual right now. If you're expecting a game to come out on time, please thank the publisher—it's a miracle if it does. At present, I have around half a dozen finished titles that are delayed. And, that's just me!

I'm pleased to mention that, as of today, I have successfully achieved all my personal goals with respect to gaming. Even before the pandemic, I have wanted to move forward with my career. Though bad things did happen, bad things are always going to happen, and my time for reflection and recovery is (thankfully) over, along with my last F-bomb. After successfully handing in all drafts on time for the past few years, I doubled my rates to be more reflective of my experience. I also, thankfully, managed to find the joy in working on games again. Last year was a test for me, to find that joy in my game writing, and if I didn't I was going to walk away entirely. Now? My gaming plate is very full with a few unannounced projects, and it's reduced enough stress I can focus on other wish list items.

Gaming has been a part of my life for over seventeen years now. I remain deeply uncertain what the future holds beyond my current projects. So, I've thrown planning out the window. Flying by the seat of my leggings is highly unusual for me! Except my time, especially right now, is best spent writing what I enjoy writing—whether that be games or stories or whatever else I happen to indulge in. Getting paid well for that joy is the goal, perhaps for every creative professional. But if an idea makes me happy? Then that's what I'm going to write, because (as I've been reminded multiple times these past few years) life is too short for anything else. Indeed, life is too short for a great many things...

I accepted a guest invitation later this year, but I really don't know what my travel schedule will be beyond that. Teaching-wise, I will be conducting more classes and will have that announcement soon. I am keen on sharing the knowledge that I have and am grateful I've had the opportunity to teach thus far. I'm excited to offer downloadable slides for all my students, too. After all, there is a lot to remember!

To celebrate getting this leg of my career back on track, I visited the Quintess Etsy shop and lo! and behold! yes, I did indulge in a hand-painted silk scarf.

How about you? Do you have any successes to share? Anything you're proud of?