A Quest for Masks, a Charity Stream, and Yeah, about this year's Met Gala

One Night in Ravenloft | Saturday October 23 | 6pm CST | GameHoleCon

Hi everyone, my gaming group has decided to dress up for “One Night in Ravenloft”, a Dungeons and Dragons charity stream to benefit Extra Life. My character is a changeling, and to relay her shapeshifting abilities I wanted to wear a mask. Unfortunately, because there are no masquerade-style masks that'll fit my glasses for my changeling, I opted to make my own.

Well readers, that has now morphed into using make-up instead. Some masks for glasses-wearers do exist, but these are typically designed for specific frames or styles. This filigree goth mask is a great, batty example of a style integrating the glasses shape. That said, metal allergies are a "thing". Any metalworks, even when painted, should list whether or not they're nickel-free (one of the more common metal allergies.)

If you dig the mask shape but not the materials, you might find sculptors using polymer clay or, in this case, a lace mask to add effect above the eye line.

To go full Venetian, I could go with a traditional style and then add (or find a mask) with a handle. Unfortunately, this doesn't keep my hands free.

To find a mask that fits, I'd have to alter a mask form to fit around and attach to the frames. You can get the forms at any craft store for less than $5. Finding that the fit is challenging and may add some unwanted dimension, so not doing that anymore.

Instead, I'm going to use makeup to illustrate a mask effect (ideas linked). The design will incorporate my cat eye glasses while allowing me to wear a mask when needed.

It would have been great if there were more options for glasses-wearers, but makeup will have to do! Here's hoping my plan'll turn out for my GameHole Con 2021 Extra Life Charity Stream! You can attend on Saturday, October 23rd at 6:00 pm CST/7:00 pm EST.

Oh! I did manage to check out the 2021 Met Gala. Wasn’t feeling this year’s theme to celebrate American designers. It’s a fantastic idea but, at the same time, I was hoping for a clearer, more visual and emotionally evocative theme. Lovely to see all of the fantastic looks and dresses, though! If you missed out, Vogue fashion has collated the red carpet glam. Digging that entrelac-knitted coat of many colors, Quannah Chasinghorse’s bronze-turquoise ensemble, and Tessa Thompson’s structured look.