All Quiet on the Dandy Lion's Front

I can’t believe it’s May. Where did the time go? Already the grass is filled with bright, yellow dandelions. The trees are blooming a-choo!, the temperatures are rising, and I’ve got The Worst CravingTM for green tea and fresh sushi. With Summer just around the corner, I’m keen on enjoying the great outdoors as much as humanly possible this year, while remaining cautiously optimistic I’ll be able to resume some travel this Fall.

That said, I do have some news to share!

In gaming-related news, I've also got some updates for you.

  • I'm a special guest at GameHole Con 2021 in October and am streaming again to raise money for ExtraLife. Stay tuned!

  • The SIRENS: Battle of the Bards Kickstarter is winding down, but there's still time to back this 5th Edition Campaign. I'm on the writing team!

  • You can now pre-order Legions of Carcosa, the scariest tabletop RPG supplement I've ever had the pleasure of contributing to. Legions of Carcosa is published by Pelgrane Press and developed by Robin D. Laws.

That's all I can announce right now. Phew! Being a hybrid author is fun and I'm curious to see what happens next. Cheers! Here’s hoping this summer will be full of fresh air and wonderful books.

How about you? How are you doing?