Colorbomb Skull #MakeArtNotWar

Back in 2017 when I started #MakeArtNotWar, one of my goals was to nourish my inner artist in new and exciting ways. I’m so happy to share my colorbomb skull with you and the 8-bit art it further inspired.

Here’s my original Colorbomb Skull design stitched into a bracelet.

I love this bracelet! I played around with the essence of the skull design, and wound up putting it on mugs in my Raven and Toad Studio Etsy store.

I really dig how iterative this process turned out to be. If I had a wall-sized canvas? There’d be paint everywhere.

What about you? Have you made any art recently?

This post was inspired by this week’s Make Art Not War theme for our collective. Follow the #makeartnotwar hashtag on Twitter and join/follow us in our creative ventures! #covengoals #folklorethursday