Four Elements #Tarot Spread

Hiya! I asked on Twitter if folks would be interested in a tarot spread I designed. I haven’t done anything like this before, but thanks to positive feedback I’m happy to give it a go. Goes without saying—YMMV.

I use Tarot cards as a way of connecting to my subconscious. The Four Elements spread helps me get to know myself better by sectioning out my spirituality, mind, heart, and body.

(I don’t use Tarot for predictions. When I started reading many years ago as a wee babe I made a lot of mistakes and that was one of them.) By sectioning out these areas, it gives me four focal points to think about and remind myself how I’m doing.

The spread is depicted below.

Text Description: there are four rows of three cards per row. The first row (1,2,3) is the Earth: Physical section. The second (4,5,6) sits on top of that and is the Water: Emotional section. Third row (7,8,9) is for Air: Mental, and the top row is (10,11,12) for Fire: Spiritual. The first card in the row represents the past or where you’re coming from; the second card in the row represents the present; the third is a summary or clarifier card.

Let me know if you have questions!

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