Music Monday: Let's Make Some Nois-ia

Hello and welcome to Pandemic Year Two. Or, as I like to call it: limbo. Eh… I can't really "say" it's limbo, but it certainly feels like it some days especially since it's still winter here and getting vaccinated is gonna take a while.

But, enough about me and my wine. Grey skies got you down, too? I'm sure you have your coping mechanisms. One of mine is to put my MPOW wireless headphones on and jam to some great tunes— which I love to do when I'm going for a walk, cleaning, or working out.

One of the bands I dig is called Noisia. Based in the Netherlands, they're a blend of techno-meets-synth with layers of drums. You might recognize their work from Devil May Cry.

Back in 2016, the band made international headlines after releasing "Mantra" off their Outer Edges album. Their music and video expresses the heartbreaking story of refugees—without ever saying a word.

Contrast this, for a second, with "Tentacles" off the same album featuring an Ivy Lab remix. Here, they use the spoken word as a drum to create a terrifying soundscape. Noisia continues to fascinate me because they're not afraid to experiment while retaining the percussive sound that's become their signature.

(If you're squeamish, I'd skip the video. You can also listen to the song by checking out their Outer Edges album.)

In addition to their own tunes, you can check out their latest project: VISION radio. It's a curated channel of other bands in the genre.