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Idol and Stevens for #MusicMonday

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Rethinking Horror in Games Interview with Dr Megan Connell

Welp, that was a Scorpion King Rewatch (for Good Reason!)

Well, Of Course it's about the Music

About the Decision Not to Publish my Into Shadow Poetry Chapbook

Hello Choombas! (Or Color Me RED)

Spinning a RED Tale–Cyberpunk RED, That Is

The Story behind my Rethinking Fear in Horror Games Interview with Doctor Megan

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A Big ole Pile of October Releases, Classes, and Events!

And Another Thing about Social Media and that Scarcity Mindset

No, It's Never About What A Writer Doesn't Have

A Quest for Masks, a Charity Stream, and Yeah, about this year's Met Gala

A Colorful Fantasy and a Winter Met Gala Project

Directions? Plans? Erm, Sprouting Seeds and a Writing Exercise

Wobbly Bits, Body-Shaming, and My Mind-Body Creativity Connection

Enjoy a Cover Preview for an Upcoming KidLit Story Game!

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This Newsletter Was On My To Do List

Open the Eyes of Spiragos RPG Adventure

Congratulations to the 2021 Scribe Award Winners

Yes, You're Doing The Thing

Save the Date! Your Invitation to the Virtual 2021 Scribe Awards Ceremony

I Let a Wolf Win and I Know Why

"Scritch, Scratch" World of Darkness Short Story Nominated for a 2021 Scribe Award

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Tarot for Writers Workshop and a Salmagundi

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All Quiet on the Dandy Lion's Front

New Writing Workshop! New Sirens Kickstarter ! NEW NANITES

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Introducing the Artisanal Writer

Music Monday: Let's Make Some Nois-ia

How Daily Poetry Has Impacted my Writing

My GAMA Online Presentation about Acquiring New Players (And Why I Chose This Topic)

Save the Date! Tarot for Writers Workshop

101 Gentle Pieces of Writing Advice (No, Really.)

Sharing a Poem ahead of #28DaysofPoetry

Sharing How I'm Building My New Writing System

The "I Loathe Marketing Myself" Post Re my Patreon Poetry Campaign

My New Year's Resolution Writerly Accountability Post

A Belated Invitation to a SFWA Procrastinator's New Year's Party!

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